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Braking distances | This is a must read!

Speed kills. We all know this, but the more we know about the causes of road deaths, the increased likelihood that we can prevent them. Knowing how long it actually takes your car to stop can be an eye-opener, something that one day could prevent you causing a death on the road.

It is estimated that for every 1mph reduced on the road, the crash rates fall by 5%, a quite incredible statistic.

Stopping Distances

Stopping Distances are influenced by 2 factors:

1. The distance taken for the driver to see the hazard and apply the brake.

2. The distance taken for the car to come to a full stop.

Braking distances Northern Ireland

The infographic above makes interesting reading. At 30mph the impact speed when braking is equivalent to falling from the 3rd floor of a building, and at 38mph it equates to falling from a 5th floor building. Shocking and something to carefully think about the next time you drive around a built-up area with children pedestrians!

The above infographic is based on the driver being alert and focused and normal weather conditions, on a dry road. Add into the equation a distracted driver on a mobile phone, wet or icy conditions, etc and you have a recipe for disaster.


Car safety and stopping distances are greatly influenced by the tyres on the car. Shore Tyres offer a free tyre safety check, with no obligiation to buy should your tyres be defective or dangerous. We offer honest advice on ways to maintain your vehicle tyres and to ensure that your stopping distance is as short as possible. For more information click here>>>

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