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10 Fuel-saving tips every driver should know

Everyone wants to save money, particularly in January. Just as you insulate your home, or use energy-saving lightbulbs, you can save money on petrol and diesel consumption as well.

At Shore Tyres, we have compiled 10 easy tips and tricks you should follow to save money on your vehicle fuel costs.

1. Driving Style

Easy does it. Accelerate gently, drive smoothly, and anticipate the road ahead to avoid unnecessary stopping.

2. Change up gear earlier

You don't need 2,000 RPM to change up a gear. Look to change up as quickly (and safely) as possible. Don't labour then engine, however there is no reason why, when driving on a 30mph road, such as the Antrim Road or Shore Road, that you cannot be in 5th gear to save fuel.

3. Don't carry around unnecessary weight

Now we don't mean making the kids walk, however check your boot. Is there tools, junk or any unnecessary items in there that are weighing the car down? Remove these to save on fuel. Also remove roof-racks and boxes, towbars, etc if they aren't needed.

4. Plan your journey

By planning the best, and most efficient route(s), you can save significantly on the miles that you cover.

5. Stick to the speed limit

By travelling 200 miles at 80mph instead of 70mph, you arrive at your destination 20mins early, however it is likely to cost you an extra £7 in fuel at least. Was that 20mins saved worth £7+? With the return journey that is an extra £14+ in fuel by going 10mph faster!!

6. Turn off the air-con and electrics

Air-conditioning uses a significant amount of electricity, which is powered by your fuel tank. Turn it off if it isn't necessary, as with other unnecessary electronics.

7. Check your tyre pressures regularly.

The lower pressure in your tyres, the more fuel it takes to drive. At Shore Tyres we recommend checking your tyre pressure every fortnight, We offer a free tyre safety check. Contact us or call in and we will check your tyre pressure and treads.

8. Don't floor your accelerator.

At lot of people get confused over this one. If you press the acclerator to the floor to avoid dropping down a gear, you are actually using more fuel. Drop down a gear to avoid having the floor the accelerator, and you will also have more control of the car's acceleration.

9. Don't get lost

Easier said than done, however if your car doesn't have a Sat-Nav it may be worthwhile investing in one. They are very reliable these days and you can get a decent one for under £50 at major retailers. You won't get lost, and also you may even find more efficient routes for trips you have regularly been taking.

10. Regular Car maintenance.

Get your car serviced regularly and use the appropriate engine oil and filters to improve the fuel efficiency of the car.

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