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Live in Glengormley? You need Winter Tyres!

Anyone who lives in Glengormley, or has ever been, will tell you how cold it can be! Glengormley has snow, when Belfast has sunshine.

At Shore Tyres, we are specialists in tyres, not meteorology. As the temperature drops and the days and nights get colder, conditions are the road become more hazardous and dangerous. Winter Tyres are an option to make you safer on the road. Anyone who has driven around Mallusk in the snow will have wished they had Winter Tyres!

Why would I need Winter Tyres?

Winter Tyres use a high-silica content rubber compound and tread pattern, designed to withstand the cold temperature much better and retain flexibilty. This gives much better braking and traction on wet or icy roads. In short, they are much safer.

What about the extra cost?

Yes, Winter Tyres are an additional cost at an expensive time of the year. However to reduce your risk of having an accident on the road, it is worth it. They only cost a little more than a standard tyre. Also you only use your Winter Tyres during the cold weather. You can use them next year as well!

How do I get Winter Tyres?

Call Shore Tyres now and we will give you a quote. We will fit your new Winter Tyres, and also re-fit your standard tyres back on when the weather improves. You can then store your Winter Tyres until next year.

Don't delay, give us a call now on 02890 864540

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