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How do I check my tyre size?

Check car tyre size

When buying a new tyre, there are some key things that you must consider. You will have your choice of manufactuer, budget or premium. Premium tyres will typically last longer and provide better driving performance, however for day-to-day driving, budget tyres provide a value alternative without a noticeable impact on driving. You can also choose the tread pattern and style, and can consider using winter tyres for a better grip in winter conditions.

One thing that you can't choose is the tyre size. Look for the markings on the wall of your tyres:

- 255 above and A below are the width of the tyre.

- 35 and B are the profile of the tyre,

- 19 and C are the wheel rim diameter

- Z is the maximum speed rating

tyre size check belfast

When calling Shore Tyres to get a quote on a tyre replacement, please have your width, profile and wheel rim diameter handy, so as we can provide an accurate quote and ensure we have your tyre(s) picked from stock, ready to be fitted as quickly as possible when you arrive.

Call 02890 864540 now for a quote and/or advice on your tyres.

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