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Winter is Coming | Drive SAFE

Winter is coming, you can feel it. The days are getting shorter and colder. With these changes in conditions, comes more hazardous road conditions for drivers. Shore Tyres have developed a Winter Driving Checklist for our customers to keep them safe this winter.

Winter Driving tips Northern Ireland

Winter Driving Checklist & Driving Tips

  1. Preparation. Before setting off on a journey ensure that any frost, snow or mist are removed from all windows. Remember you will need all of your windows clear to drive safely. Also ensure you have enough screen wash liquid for the journey. With grit on the road, you will need to clear your windscreens much more often.

  2. Spotting potential issues. Does your car squeak or squeal when the engine is started? This could be a sign that the water pump or cylinder block is frozen. You will need a 50-50 mix of anti-freeze in your car for winter driving. During winter months, more stress wil be placed on your car battery. When starting the car, turn off non-essential electrical (start-up) functions like wipers, heaters and lights.

  3. Tyre treads. Your tyres connect your car to the road. Your wouldn't wear plimsoles with no grip in the snow, so why drive without adequate grip? We recommend 3mm of thread for winter driving. Also ensure that your tyres are at the right pressure. Unsure how to check your tyre pressure and thread? Get a FREE Winter Health Check at Shore Tyres.

  4. Driving in snow and ice. Gentle maneouvres are vital to driving in snow and ice. The main thing you want to avoid is having to brake suddenly. Wear comfortable footwear with grips (so your feet don't slip off the pedal), drive off from a stationary position in second gear to avoid wheel-spin, and drive in a high-gear where possible. It is also advisable to bring a mobile phone and warm clothing incase you get stuck a need help.

  5. Winter breakdown essentials. Again, preparation is key. Think about breaking down in the winter, what would you need? Warm blankets, a mobile phone, portable snow treads, warning triangle, etc. Keep these essentials in your car, trust us you will be grateful should you ever need them.

  6. Breakdown help. Are you a memeber of the AA or a breakdown recovery service? From only £30 a year it is worth it should you ever break-down, particularly in winter. Got breakdown recovery as part of your insurance? Keep a contact number with your policy number in your car!

  7. Weather forecasts. Keep an eye on the weather before you set off on a journey. Heavy snow and an improntu trip over the Glenshane Pass isn't the best idea!

  8. Time. Leave extra time for journeys. Traffic will be worse as drivers are (rightly) more cautious in winter conditions.

Winter Health Checks are FREE at Shore Tyres. Click here for more information.

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