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Quality Exhausts Newtownabbey at the Lowest Price


Shore Tyres are specialists in exhaust fitting. We fit all makes and models of car and van exhausts, so call us now and get an unbeatable quote on a replacement exhaust for your car or van. Shore Tyres stock budget and branded exhausts for a diverse-range of vehicles. 


Benefits of having an efficient vehicle exhaust

Having a moder, clean and highly-efficient Exhaust on your vehicle is critical to the performance and durability of your car or van. In order for your car to drive, air and fuel is burned in in the combustion chamber. A by-product of this process is at least 6 harmful gasses are produced. Having an effectuve exhaust system, removes these gasses, keeping the driver, passengers and other road users, including pedestrians, unexposed to these harmful toxins.




Components of a typical car exhaust system

Having an effective exhaust system also reduces the noise of the combustion process and improves fuel efficiency. There are 5 main components of your typical car exhaust system that you should know about:


  • Exhaust Manifold - attached to the engine via the cylinder head, the exhaust manifold vents all the harmful gasses from the engine into a central pipe, whilst burning any excess fuel that has escapedfrom the engine. 

  • Oxygen Sensor - Helps the car's internal computer regulate the oxygen in the engine to keep the engine operating at optimal performance.

  • Exhaust Pipes - These pipes connect the exhaust manifold to the tailpipe. They can break or crack over time or as a result of careless driving. 

  • Catalyic Converter - This part converts harmful gasses like Carbon Monoxide into the less harmful carbon dioxide and water, which is better for the enviroment. 

  • Muffler - reduces the noise that the combustion process produces. 

Get a new exhaust fitted today | Belfast | Newtownabbey | Carrickfergus


Don't delay, call or email us NOW to arrange an appointment to fit your new exhaust. 

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