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Quality Car Brakes at the Cheapest Prices


At Shore Tyres, we stock quality, branded, car brake pads and discs at the best value in Belfast and Newtownabbey. We guarantee that our brake discs and pads prices are the cheapest in town, even on the rare occassion you have been quoted at better price, we will match it. 


We can fit your pads or discs, while-u-wait, or you can contact us below to arrange an appointment. 


FREE Car Safety Check


Unsure if you require new brakes? Take advantage our of FREE safety check on your vehicles tyres, brakes, exhausts and fluids. 


Contact us below by completing the form below:


  • Ask your us to quote your guaranteed cheapest price car brakes

  • Arrange an appointment to fit your new brakes 

  • Schedule a FREE safety check

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